St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School

New! Art in Action Curriculum K–8

Once a week each grade at St. Rose-McCarthy will be participating in a dynamic Art in Action lesson.

Each of Art in Action’s nine program levels has at least twelve sequential and age-appropriate lessons that provide a high-quality visual arts curriculum.

Through studying the Masters, students learn art history, as well as artistic hands-on skills. Plus they develop visual artistic literacy, creativity, an appreciation for other cultures, and personal confidence.

Students draw on inspiration from the Masters to create their own works of art.

You will love the creations they bring home!

PROVISO: All lessons provided in non-Catholic textbooks are carefully screened to ensure they are appropriate for our students and do not in any way undermine Catholic teachings, morals, or values. Should a lesson be found lacking in the above conditions, it will not be presented to our students.

Visual Arts

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