St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School


At. St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School, you'll enjoy low tuition and easy payment plans. Plus your child's Catholic education is made even more affordable when you receive one of the fine scholarships listed below. Click on the links to receive more detailed information. In addition, we have several parishioners who provide scholarships to families in need. These are limited, but each year we try to increase the number available. Please call if you have any questions. We're here to help!

St. Brigid Catholic Church Hanford
Children with marshmallow project.

The Good Shepherd Scholarship is designed for new families with limited funds and is available to them for multiple years. Download, complete,
and submit it to the school office.

The Parish Scholarship is open to all families. Download, complete,

and submit it to the school office.

Deadline for all scholarships is April 15, 2021