St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School

The primary goal of St. Rose-McCarthy School’s middle school is to prepare students for high school and beyond. Our objective is for students to leave St. Rose-McCarthy equipped to handle the rigor of honors and Advanced Placement courses and to be prepared to begin considering career choices. In the following course of study, our teachers also emphasize the historic contributions of Catholic Christian saints, philosophers, scientists, explorers, writers, and artists.

English Language Arts

Students are taught mastery of appropriate grammar and writing skills, which are critical to success in high school, college, and beyond. These skills are further enhanced through reading and responding to different genres of literature and informational texts.


Our math program offers multiple pathways, allowing students to receive a strong foundation for the high school of their choice. The Standard Pathway prepares students for Algebra or Integrated 1 in ninth grade, while the Advanced Pathway is for accelerated learners who will progress on to Geometry or Integrated 2 in ninth grade. 


Students focus on developing a clear understanding of the scientific process and formulating compelling and thoughtful hypotheses. Sixth graders learn earth science and seventh graders focus on life science, while the eighth grade’s concentration is physical science. Robotics and rocketry are a part of the curriculum throughout middle school. Students compete in the Tulare County Science Olympiad.


Historical research, influential figures throughout the ages, religion, art, music, geography, simple economics, and scientific advancements are included in all history courses. Collaborative project-based learning and research and integration with other curricular areas are important parts of the history program.

Fine Arts

Art, vocal and instrumental music, and drama experiences extend students’ opportunities and facility for creative expression. Songs, plays, and art relating to literature, history, and religion are explored in a number of different media. The choirs perform in school and travel throughout the community all year long. 


Technology is taught as an essential 21st century skill and is embedded in all middle school classes. In computer classes, students are taught to use technology as a tool to enhance all academic pursuits, especially in research and the production of polished reports and assignments. They also learn to be critical consumers of media, sifting through the over-abundance of material on the Internet to select valuable, useful information.

Physical Education and After-School Sports

St. Rose-McCarthy offers a rigorous athletics program, consisting of regular physical education classes, noncompetitive games, and competitive sports. Outstanding sportsmanship and developing a habit of lifelong fitness and good health are primary goals of all of these activities.

Grades 6-8 

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