St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School

St. Brigid Catholic Church is a faith-filled community of believers.

The church supports our school spiritually and temporally. We are blessed to have the enthusiastic support of St. Brigid parishioners. They have been incredibly generous to us throughout the years, giving to the school of their time, talent, and treasure. Without them, we wouldn't be here.

St. Brigid has 45 ministries and organizations. These ministries are active and support the spiritual life of the parish. Ministries also serve those in need. Our students participate not just in the sacramental life of the church, but also in service to others. Whether it be a food drive or singing to the elderly in rest homes.

St. Brigid's parish  was founded in 1886 and the current church was built in 1927. It is within easy-walking distance of the school. So our children participate in weekly school Masses. 

Altar at St. Brigid Catholic Church in Hanford
St. Brigid Relief Above Church Entrance

St. Brigid Parish

Altar at St. Brigid Catholic Church in Hanford

St. Brigid's beautiful logo was designed by a talented alumna of St. Rose-McCarthy!

St. Brigid Church, Photo by Nancy Silva