St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School

"Man of Sorrows" by William Dyce

Sophia Institute Press is a nonprofit well known for its publishing of books faithful to the teaching magisterium of the Catholic Church. They are now the creators of a wonderful curriculum, Spirit of Truth, for teaching and nourishing children in the faith.


Additionally, teachers are provided ready-to-use lessons to further enrich learning. For example ...

  • Lessons on each Sunday's Gospel to help your child get more out of Holy Mass and grow closer to Christ
  • Lessons with Sacred Art, using Beauty to evangelize and catechize 
  • Monthly lessons on great saints like St. Patrick and how he taught the Irish about the Trinity

It's no wonder that Spirit of Truth is the fastest-growing Catholic religion curriculum in the U.S. ​

Spirit of Truth — From Sophia Institute Press

Lesson plans are varied and geared to assist children ...

  • to know, love, and serve God  
  • to live the faith
  • to retain the knowledge acquired
  • to become the saints God is calling them to be