St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School

Our students have several opportunities to hone their musical skills under the skillful direction of our teachers and staff. Sister Christina leads our student choir for weekly Masses and special performances. Mrs. Lauren Eck, the music director for St. Brigid's, leads our student choir for monthly parish Masses and the Christmas Children's Mass. Mr. David Bruce and Mrs. Mary Bruce lead our bell choir and direct the annual Christmas Musical Program.

PROVISO: All lessons provided in non-Catholic textbooks are carefully screened to ensure they are appropriate for our students and do not in any way undermine Catholic teachings, morals, or values. Should a lesson be found lacking in the above conditions, it will not be presented to our students.

As Mrs. Eck explains, "Our goal is to instill the joy of serving the church by singing in Mass. We aim to train up new choir members for the future church! We also want to expose the children to ancient and revered Catholic hymns, which will strengthen their faith as they 'learn theology' through the lyrics. The ultimate goal is a closer relationship to Jesus."

Sister Christina Practices With Choir

Music Director

Children's Choir Sings Harmony at Sunday Mass

Choir Members Learn How to Cantor

Student Choir Performs at Christmas Program under the Direction of
​Sister Christina and accompanied by Mr. David and Mrs. Mary Bruce.

Bell Choir Performs at Christmas Program


Our children love to sing and perform!