St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School
P.E. for Kindergarteners at St. Rose-McCarthy

PROVISO: All lessons provided in non-Catholic textbooks are carefully screened to ensure they are appropriate for our students and do not in any way undermine Catholic teachings, morals, or values. Should a lesson be found lacking in the above conditions, it will not be presented to our students.

Physical Education

For the older students, he teaches volleyball, flag football, soccer, basketball, softball, and track. Teams play noncompetitive and competitive sports with other schools. 

Outstanding sportsmanship and developing a habit of lifelong fitness and good health are primary goals of all these activities.​

Besides regular sports, Mr. Ramos has our students play fun games that develop their athletic abilities. Check out the video below.

Our physical education teacher, Jess Ramos, is an energetic 30-something who really has the kids moving!  And they love it!

Mr. Ramos is keen to develop small and gross motor skills for all students, including the little ones. He teaches the four and five year olds to walk in a straight line and to hop, skip, and gallop!

Physical Education Catholic School Hanford