Learning Expectations

St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School, a Christ-centered community of faith, is dedicated to the education of children. With parents as primary educators, the faculty and staff facilitate the development of the whole child. In line with church teaching and Gospel values, our school instills the expectation for each student to become a committed Catholic, concerned citizen, confident communicator, and competent problem solver. Our community of believers acts as the foundation for preparing students for life as members of church, family, civic, economic, and global communities.​

St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School, an educational ministry of St. Brigid Parish, prepares students to live productive Catholic lives as members of the church and society.​


Students Praying Before Game

Mission Statement

St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School

St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School Students are:

Committed Catholics who ...

  • Join in Christ's compassion
  • Obey good values and morals
  • Yield a solid understanding of our Catholic Faith and traditions

Concerned Citizens who are ...

  • Respectful in work and action
  • Responsible for self and others
  • Recognize and practice self-control

Confident Communicators who ...

  • Articulate through speaking and writing
  • Attentively listen
  • Actively use technology

Competent Problem Solvers who ...

  • Can organize effectively
  • Can identify and analyze information
  • Can apply and evaluate solutions