St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School

June 2017

Dear St. Rose-McCarthy Supporter,

A number of years ago, a brochure was passed out at Mass encouraging us to sponsor a child in Jamaica. My husband, David, and I signed up.

Over the next three years, we were privileged to help a little girl named Scarlett. We exchanged and received three letters a year, as well as sent gifts. All interactions went through the sponsoring organization. 

Once Scarlett wrote us, “Because of what you’re doing, I have school supplies and am able to go to school.”

It felt awesome that a few hundred dollars could make such a difference in a little girl’s life. 

If you also responded to that brochure, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.

Today, David and I are going to sponsor another child. But one a little closer to home.

We are going to pay full tuition for a child to attend St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School.

We’re not saying this to brag. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t dream of telling anyone about our donations. We’re only telling you to encourage you to do the same if your circumstances permit.

But, before we get to the specifics of our request, let me tell you a little about what’s been happening this past year at St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School.

Yes! We have faced the same challenges that are hurting Catholic schools throughout the nation — huge debt and dwindling enrollment.

But, this year, we made it to 100 years and we’re on track for another 100 years.

Here is a list of what we have achieved in the past year:

•    Instituted accounting and follow-up procedures which resulted in the collection of over $100,000
•    Established payment arrangements and follow-up procedures for an additional $214,400
•    Ended the 2016–2017 year with a modest surplus
•    2017-2018 enrollment commitments are strongly trending upwards so far
•    Combined classes to save on salaries and benefits (kids and teachers love it)
•    Implemented Star Testing three-times-a-year, which allows for individual goal setting during the school year
•    Recruited talented and experienced staff who work for reduced or no pay
•    Aggressively tackled deferred maintenance 
•    Painted 7th and 8th Grade classrooms 
•    Computer Lab — new flooring, new countertops, fresh paint
•    Updated electrical wiring and lighting
•    Administrative Offices and Teacher Break Room — Redecorated throughout including displaying students’ artwork on walls. First impressions for new families counts.
•    Built and launched a new website full of helpful information
•    School Library: reorganized; found unused Scholastic credits to replenish books
•    Built new girls locker room and installed new lockers
•    New swing set for Kindergarten
•    New recess and Physical Education equipment
•    New signage for grounds
•    Beautified the exterior front of the school with fresh paint and dashed stucco walls
•    Trimmed and removed trees
•    Fresh woodchips for playgrounds
•    Resurrected school Bell Choir
•    Participated and placed second in 6th–8th Grade Math Olympics
•    Celebrated our 100 year anniversary with special monthly activities with students, culminating with a school party at Adventure Park in Visalia
•    The exterior of the school was improved with more greenery and flowers (okay, that was a God thing with all the rain)
•    New street and curbing (another God thing courtesy of the City of Hanford)

And here is what we’re doing over the summer:

•    Purchasing new math curriculum for K-5 and conducting training for faculty
•    Updating our SuperKids reading program for Transitional Kindergarten–2nd grades
•    Planning for the implementation of Art in Action at designated grade levels next year
•    Beautifying the exterior of the rest of the school with fresh paint and dashing
•    Painting Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms
•    Refurbishing water fountains
•    Refurbishing picnic tables and benches
•    Installing new blinds in all classrooms
•    Cleaning all carpets and windows
•    Repairing or replacing Smart Boards as needed
•    Outfitting a classroom for new Transitional Kindergarten class
•    Purchasing electronic tablets for student use and upgrading the wireless network

All of the above was and is being done with the help of you, our faithful St. Brigid’s community of believers.

Thank you!

Your assistance and support has helped us to keep our tuition and fees lower than the average private school. 

In California, private schools range from $7,700 to $13,030. Our costs are far lower.

Besides our low tuition, we are blessed with access to financial assistance from the Good Shepherd Fund, the parish, and the Diocese of Fresno. 

But those funds are very limited and not near enough to meet the need.

Many parents, who long to have their children receive a solid Catholic education, cannot afford our low tuition. Often it’s the result of the loss of a spouse, a medical situation, or a lost job. Other times the family simply doesn’t have a well-paying job.

A Catholic education should not be just for the well off.

I work one-on-one with each family. I strive to uncover and explore each possibility to help a family enroll.

It breaks my heart when I have a family in my office — who desperately want to enroll their children in our school — and I have to turn them away!

Currently, I have a family whose child wishes to enter Kindergarten this year. The mother has cancer and the father has had to quit his job to take care of her. 

They can pay some of the tuition, but we would like to completely lift that burden from this deserving family. 

Now that brings me to the specifics of this letter.

Won’t you join David and me in sponsoring a student at St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School for the upcoming 2017–2018 year?

If you are able to make a full scholarship commitment, you will receive …

•    Two tickets to annual DeCampos Dinner
•    Two tickets to Surf 'n Turf dinner
•    Two tickets to Casino Night
•    Two tickets to Pancake Breakfast
•    Invitations to school programs
•    Interactions with student (if both parties desire): Three letters a year, pictures, Report Cards, invites to school events — Christmas Show, Catholic Schools Week, Spring Fling, child’s 1st Holy Communion, Graduation, etc.
•    Yearbook
•    Morning prayer for benefactors

If you are able to make a half-scholarship commitment to match with parent contribution, you will receive …

•    Two tickets to Surf 'n Turf dinner
•    Two tickets to Casino Night
•    Two tickets to Pancake Breakfast
•    Invitations to school programs
•    Interactions with student (if both parties desire): Three letters a year, pictures, Report Cards, invites to school events — Christmas Show, Catholic Schools Week, Spring Fling, child’s 1st Holy Communion, Graduation, etc.
•    Yearbook
•    Morning prayer for benefactors

If you are not able to provide a full or half scholarship, we still welcome any size donation. For your donation, you will receive …

•    Invitations to school programs
•    Yearbook
•    Morning prayer for benefactors

Of course the best gift is knowing you’re helping a child receive a great education and formation in Catholic principles. 

You’re helping a child grow up to become good, kind, and brave. You’re helping a child get to heaven.

The new school year starts August 10. That’s right around the corner. 

So we need your response by Tuesday, August 1 in order to plan our programs and let parents know.

(Although the above dates have come and gone, a donation to our scholarship fund is always timely and welcome. We have families enrolling or facing unexpected financial difficulties year-round.)

Remember, a family, earnestly desiring to enroll a son or daughter, is praying for you to say, “Yes!”

Please fill out the Reply Form below right now. 

As always, we cherish your prayers for our students, parents, and staff.

Pray for us. We’re praying for you.

Yours in Christ,

Jamie M. Perkins

Jamie M. Perkins, Principal 
St. Rose-McCarthy School

P.S. If you reply right now, a family won’t have to spend the summer worrying whether or not their child can experience a Catholic education.

P.P.S. Please feel free to contact me at (559) 584-5218 if you have any questions about St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School.

From the desk of Jamie Perkins, Principal