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Dear Friend of St. Rose-McCarthy,

As I was preparing to write this appeal letter for a fourth year, my thoughts turned to a surprising incident that happened recently.

I was sitting at my desk and a woman came in off the street. We had never spoken. We had never met. I had never even seen her before. She had the whole application for the next school year filled out, ready to go, checkbook in hand. She signed her daughter up for the fall as a second grader and wrote a check. 

After we completed business, I gave her a tour so she could get a feel for the school. I took her out to the first grade and introduced her to the teacher, Janet Wintz, so she could see the classroom with her daughter’s future classmates. 

When we went back to my office, I told her it would be nice if she could bring her daughter and let her spend a few hours with us, to see how she likes it. The woman replied, “She has an early out today, I’ll bring her this afternoon.” After lunch she brought her daughter AND her mother. So now we had the grandmother, mom, and the little girl. 

As we entered the first grade class, Mrs. Wintz said to the little girl, “Why there’s an empty seat next to these two girls, why don’t you sit there?” Which she did. And those little girls wrapped their arms around her and started giving her a tour of the classroom, showing her all of the centers and how everything works. They became fast friends. During the entire visit all the children doted on her. 

The mom came back in the office and said, “Do I need to wait until next year? Can she start on Monday?” “Absolutely, she can start on Monday, let’s figure it out,” I replied. Of course Susan, our bookkeeper, got all over that and helped us with the numbers. The family even shopped for uniforms that very day. So, the little girl started on the following Monday and we’ll have her for a whole trimester.

Remember, when I first mentioned this story, I noted I had never met this woman. Normally, prospective parents call first. Then they request a meeting and a tour — there’s a lot of “wining and dining” before parents sign up. This woman’s mind was made up based just on what she saw online.

She said she had seen a lot of our activities on Facebook and Instagram and was impressed by how the children looked so happy. She wanted her daughter to have that. She also mentioned how easy it was to find our website and download our forms. Finally she said, “I want her somewhere that is lasting, long term, and where she’ll be challenged.” And she is confident St. Rose-McCarthy will do that.

The grandmother added she is looking forward to her daughter being a part of our school community and working alongside like-minded parents. She was happy her daughter would have that kind of supportive environment.

I am sure you can see why I was so grateful and appreciative of that family. And so encouraged.

I am also encouraged as our school continues to steadily grow. This past year we welcomed 24 new students to our campus!

Many of our students are able to attend because of your generosity to this annual appeal. This past year we were able to assist 28 students with full or partial scholarships. That’s 9 more than the prior year. Most of these students would not have been able to attend without the scholarships.

As with prior appeals, I want to take the time to share with you some of the highlights of our 2019-2020 school year thus far:

  • 24 new students joined our St. Rose family.
  • Enrollment continues to increase in the primary grades, which speaks well for the future.
  • We are in our third year of STAR testing with the Diocese of Fresno. We are pleased to report that 65-72% of our students consistently score at or above standards in Early Literacy, Reading, and Math.
  • 12 more Chromebooks purchased. We now have 72 of the 100 needed.
  • Team Sports include volleyball, soccer, track, basketball, and softball.
  • Dedicated Art Teacher with emphasis on the elements of art and The Masters. Visit Our SRM Student Art Gallery in our offices.
  • 1st – 6th Grade students participated in the Peach Blossom Festival
  • Kings County Spelling Bee 
  • Field trips included Camp El Chorro, Kelly Slater Surf Ranch, Storybook Garden, Police Station, Post Office, Courthouse, Fire Department, Library, Farm Day, Burris Park, and trips to the California State Capitol and Washington D.C. 
  • Catholic Schools Week culminating with the always popular talent show (see it on YouTube).
  • Patriotic Day Rally to honor and thank our five military families
  • All Saints Day Celebration with students dressed as saints
  • Joyous Christmas Program 
  • Float in Hanford Christmas Parade
  • Demonstration from a professional falconer
  • St. Patrick’s All School Jump Rope Rally
  • Ash Wednesday School Lenten Retreat
  • School-Wide Rosaries for Vocations
  • Weekly Mass
  • Children’s Choir at Parish Mass Monthly
  • Handbell Choir
  • Visit from International Students
  • Chess Club (very popular)
  • Student Council (very active)
  • Spring Fling (upcoming)
  • Follow all our activities on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

The above activities enrich and bless our children. It’s important that we also enrich and bless our community. To that end, our students participated in the following activities. 

  • Advent food drive for Hanford Community Outreach Center
  • Making 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches monthly to feed the hungry
  • Attending Mass and visiting with the elderly at the Hacienda monthly
  • Serving for Knights of Columbus and church functions
  • Creating “Blessing Bags” for hygiene for St. Vincent dePaul
  • Supporting Crossroads Pregnancy Center
  • Lenten Activity: Reaching Out to Elderly Alumni and Former Teachers with surprise gift
  • Service Club Makes Blankets for Kings County Sheriff to distribute in emergencies.

As you know, we strive to keep our tuition as low as possible. Despite our best efforts, a Catholic education is still out of reach for many parents. But with our sponsorship program, we can help more children enroll in our school.

Dave and I now help sponsor two children ourselves. What’s exciting about that is that we are here on campus and we get to see them every day; we get to know them. Of course, they are unaware of our sponsorship. These two children are both so happy and healthy. They enjoy running and playing; they’re 100% on the go. They have many friends and enjoy hanging out in groups with lots of kids. They are kind and loving. We get to see their love for Jesus coming through them in their genuine kindness. It means everything to us. 

Although you won’t be able to see your sponsored child every day like we do, you can opt for receiving periodic letters from your student. And you can attend events like the Christmas pageant and Spring Fling to see them. Our sponsors just love watching “their kids” grow in wisdom and love for their faith.

“I’m so glad we were able to attend the Taste of St. Rose event again this year. When I enter the classrooms, which are filled with symbols of our Catholic faith, I am reminded about the importance of continuing to sponsor students who may not otherwise be able to receive this amazing gift. The enthusiasm and passion of the teachers inspires me, as well.” Dedicated Sponsor

If you are able to make a full scholarship commitment, we would like to thank you by giving you …

  • Two tickets to the annual DeCampos Dinner
  • Two tickets to Taco Fiesta Night 
  • Two tickets to Pancake Breakfast 
  • Interactions with student (if both parties desire): Three letters a year and pictures
  • Invitations to school programs — Christmas Program, Catholic Schools Week, Spring Fling, child’s First Holy Communion, Graduation, etc.
  • Morning prayer for benefactors

If you are able to make a half-scholarship commitment to match with parent contribution, we would like to thank you by giving you …

  • Two tickets to Taco Fiesta Night 
  • Two tickets to Pancake Breakfast 
  • Interactions with student (if both parties desire): Three letters a year and pictures
  • Invitations to school programs — Christmas Program, Catholic Schools Week, Spring Fling, child’s First Holy Communion, Graduation, etc.
  • Morning prayer for benefactors

If you are not able to provide a full or half scholarship, we still welcome any size donation. For your donation, you will receive …

  • Invitations to school programs — Christmas Program, Catholic Schools Week, Spring Fling, First Holy Communion, Graduation, etc.
  • Morning prayer for benefactors

Of course the best thanks you’ll receive is the knowledge that you are helping a child to both receive a great education and to be well-formed in Catholic principles.

“I completely underestimated the potential of my daughter’s spiritual growth upon entering kindergarten at St. Rose-McCarthy. Not only has she learned the value of her faith, she understands the reasons behind it. Which are then reinforced for her every day during school. I’m no longer alone in teaching her Christian values and morals. The school and the family are a great team and I am so thankful for the reinforcement she receives during each school day.” Grateful Parent

The new school year starts August 5. I know it’s still early, but, really, enrollment for the 2020-21 school year is in full swing and the first day of school is right around the corner. 

We need your response by Monday, July 1, in order to plan our programs and let parents know. 

Right now, a family, earnestly desiring to enroll a son or daughter, is praying for you to say, “Yes!”

If you reply today, a family won’t have to worry whether or not their child can experience a Catholic education.

Please continue your prayers for our beautiful children and school. We’re praying for you!

Yours in Christ,

Jamie M. Perkins, Principal 
St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School
(559) 584-5218

P.S. To those of you who have already pledged to continue with your student for the next school year. I thank you for making that early pledge; it helps so much with our planning.

P.P.S. It’s impossible to measure the full value of a child being exposed, daily, to God’s Word. The wisdom gained during these formative years can help a soul for a lifetime.

Although the deadline for this year has passed, sponsorship donations are always appreciated as children enroll throughout the school year.

Sponsor a Student

NOTE: This appeal was prepared and ready to be mailed just prior to the California Covid-19 lockdown. The request was never sent out. However, if you are interested in sponsoring a student, please read to see how it works. You can still be a sponsoring "angel" for a St. Rose-McCarthy student in need.

“Do I have to wait until next year?”