St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School

Dear Friend of St. Rose-McCarthy School,

I pray this letter finds you well and you have been given bountiful blessings this past year! I wholeheartedly thank you for your continued support of our school and students.

As much as all have hoped for the pandemic to cease, it seems our community and our world are still being heavily affected by the lasting consequences of COVID-19. We lift all those affected by COVID and ask God to intercede on our behalf.

While St. Rose-McCarthy has endured much over the past year with leadership changes, a 15-student decrease in enrollment, and health policies changing daily, our faculty, staff and students have remained steadfast in their belief in Christ and are more determined than ever to succeed in their lessons.

When I came on as Principal, my one and only goal was to ensure students were learning and growing in a safe, Christ-centered environment. And I believe we have succeeded on that front! Faculty, staff, and students are deeply committed to their school and are excited to arrive each morning. Teachers are determined to reach each student and have developed the most up to date strategies and techniques to teach and bridge any learning gaps lost during last year due to COVID.

One fact remains evident amidst change: St. Rose-McCarthy School is here to stay for generations to come!

So many other exciting things have happened at St. Rose-McCarthy School:

  • We held our first outdoor movie night for families in early October.
  • Grades 1-4 adopted a new math program: I-Ready Math which gives students access to in class learning with online resources.
  • St. Rose-McCarthy continues to offer choir, art, and physical education bringing focus to whole-child education.
  • Our tradition of school families made it back to campus! Older students were thrilled to have a “family” of younger students to group up with for mass and other activities.
  • Students are back in sports and thrive in a team environment.
  • Our Christmas concert was packed in McHugh Hall in December. Our students shined with their vocal talents.
  • Students were overjoyed by Santa visiting campus just before their Christmas break.
  • Enrollment has increased by 10 as of January: a HUGE accomplishment in just 4 months!
  • Teachers began reading “Re-Routing: Finding Our Way Back to God and His Church” as their faith formation as a group.
  • We welcomed Fr. Guadalupe Vargas to our parish and school.
  • Our school attends weekly mass with Fr. Vargas.
  • Our Preschool moved to full time schedules in January 2022.
  • Communication with our parents has continued weekly with our Crusader News.

This past year, with the support of sponsors, we gave $61,435 in sponsorships to 19 families. Each family has made a commitment to Catholic Education and could not give their children this monumental gift without your generosity. Mother Teresa once said, “God gave us things to share, not to hold.” On behalf of our school and students I ask that you share and give back in support of a child’s education at St. Rose-McCarthy School.

As a recipient of generous donors in both elementary and high school, I, along with 6 siblings, were given the gift of Catholic Education and I can attest to the blessings of faith, love, and academic excellence instilled in me throughout my life. I ask that you support one of our students at St. Rose-McCarthy so, they too, can have the opportunity to learn in this Christ-centered environment.

Families who have already received the gift of a Catholic education at St. Rose-McCarthy School because of your generous donations, put it best:

“It means that my children are encircled by students and staff that share the same faith and values that motivate them to bring their best selves forward. It means they can receive an education that extends far beyond books, developing their whole self in which they will benefit from well into adulthood. That includes nurturing their spirituality which is essential to one’s wellbeing yet disregarded in public schools.”

Please consider a gift of Catholic education. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and pray you receive it back tenfold in the future. My prayers are always with you and your families. Please include St. Rose-McCarthy School and its students in your daily prayers.


Rachael Manzo
St. Rose-McCarthy School

Schoolgirl studying

Sponsor a Crusader

“Give, and it shall be given unto you.” Luke 6:38