St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School

Grades K–5 Saxon 

Algebra 1 at St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School

We will begin implementing Big Ideas Math with our incoming 6th Graders in 2018–19. There will be two course offerings: 

  • Course 1 — Regular Pathway for 6th Grade math students 
  • Advanced Course 1 — Advanced Pathway for our high-achieving 6th Grade math students who plan to complete Algebra 1 in the 8th grade.

This program will grow with this group of students. We will add Course 2 and Advanced Course 2 the following year, with Course 3 and Algebra 1 to be added the third year.

Big Ideas provides for the typical math student to take the time needed to master the math concepts, yet provides for advanced students to move at a quicker pace.

Both pathways produce students well equipped for high school math classes.

PROVISO: All lessons provided in non-Catholic textbooks are carefully screened to ensure they are appropriate for our students and do not in any way undermine Catholic teachings, morals, or values. Should a lesson be found lacking in the above conditions, it will not be presented to our students.

In the 2017–2018 school year, we began using Saxon Math for Grades K-5.

Saxon Math is noted for introducing new concepts daily in small portions and then reviewing prior concepts, also daily.

This methodology helps students learn, retain, and become proficient with what they have learned. 

In just one year, we saw for ourselves, a significant improvement in the ability of our students to successfully master and retain the subject matter.

Saxon Math at St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School

Grades 6–8 Big Ideas

Saxon Math at St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School
Algebra 1 at St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School