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The Thomas McCarthy Foundation is a separate and distinct entity from St Brigid Catholic church and the Diocese of Fresno. Funds and donations that are received will remain under local control.

The Thomas McCarthy Foundation was incorporated in 2000. The name of the foundation was given to memorialize and continue the dreams of one of the school's most gracious benefactors: Thomas McCarthy.

The Foundation's sole purpose is to provide support to St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School.

The Need

The cost of running our school increases each year. The increase is not due to lavish and unnecessary spending, but simply due to inflation. We strive to pay teachers well in order to attract effective talent. But our salaries never equal those of public school teachers. 

Parents pitch in with volunteer hours, but we must not burden them too greatly. Thus the Thomas McCarthy Foundation constantly seeks new ways to generate revenues for our children's Catholic education.

What You Can Do

There are many ways you can assist the Foundation, like supporting our fundraisers and making charitable contributions. When you are planning your final wishes, you can make Thomas McCarthy Foundation one of your beneficiaries.

Mr. Martin Garcia

(559) 582-4991


Mr. Martin Garcia

Mr. Luke Robinson

Mr. Ron Barba

Martin Garcia

Thomas McCarthy Foundation

Luke Robinson
Golf Tournament to benefit St.Rose-McCarthy Catholic School
St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School

Please contact one of our board members to get started.

Mr. Ron Barba

Ron Barba

Mr. Luke Robinson

(559) 582-2610

Mr. Mike Robinson, Founding Member