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No symptoms? Get tested anyway!

The Kings County Department of Health is encouraging people to get tested on a regular basis. Here's why ...

  • It helps us better understand COVID transmission in Kings County — this helps us toward the ultimate goal of keeping numbers low as we plan for reopening.

  • The more asymptomatic people who get tested on a regular basis, the more we can drive down positivity rates —one measure the state looks at to make decisions about reopening!

  • The more asymptomatic people who test on a regular basis, the better chance we have of stopping potential workplace outbreaks before they start as this drives down our case numbers (another state measure) AND we’d rather have to ask one or two people to isolate than a whole department, classroom, etc.)

  • The more symptomatic people who test, the faster we can get them support to isolate comfortably and safely, further limiting COVID spread.

  • Getting tested on a regular basis, not just when you feel ill, is one way to help keep the people around you a little safer — especially if you live with/care for elderly relatives or people with conditions that put them at higher risk for severe disease.

A few other things to note:

  • The service is completely free. Now is the time to get yourself and your employees on a regular testing schedule!

  • All personal information is kept confidential.

  • The process is quick and easy; it’s a self-swab that takes about 30 seconds.

  • You do not need to bring ID, you can pre-register to make things faster, and you can check your own results or have them emailed to you.
  • It’s open to everyone! Staff, families, essential workers — everyone over the age of 2 is welcome to test and encouraged to get tested on a regular basis.

  • You do not have to live in this county to test! Whether you work here, live here, or just visit, you are welcome at Kings testing sites.