St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School

"I have been in Catholic education for 11 years. I began my career in Santa Barbara as a Catholic elementary school teacher. I then moved to the Catholic high school to become a religion teacher, student government teacher, and cheer coach. After several years at the high school in various leadership roles, I was called to move away from home when Lemoore had a job opportunity at MIQ School. I have been at MIQ for four years and then this year was asked to lead at  St. Rose-McCarthy Catholic School. I love the students. They are so eager to learn in an environment surrounded by our Catholic faith and people who love them. I also have loved working with the faculty and staff. The faculty are so gifted in what they do and our students are so lucky! When I am not at the school, I am working on my new house, walking the dogs, cooking and baking, or getting away for the weekend!"​


Education: Bachelors in Liberal Studies with emphasis in religion; Masters in Educational Leadership

Credential: Administration

Family: Married

Started at SRM: 2021


Mrs. Rachael Rosas